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Author M.J. Logan just released her first of many novels "The Death Call" inspired by an amazing imagination and the driving love to write. M.J. lives in her beloved Colorado and is entering her freshman year in high school. She loves to dance, read and of course, write.

She hopes to change the world when she gets older and wants to make sure her job is something she loves as an adult. Whether that is being an author or not, she isn't sure. But, either way, she hopes everyone enjoys her books!

Upcoming Book Signing

February 10, 2018

Join Malia as she launches The Camp Signal, the 2nd book in The Death Call Trilogy!

Purchase your book signing copy in advance for only $12 ($15 at the door).

Saturday, Feb. 10
3:00pm - 6:00pm
Logan House Coffee
2501 Dallas St, Aurora, Colorado 80010

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The Camp Signal

2nd book by M.J. Logan

Despite the terrifying and breathtaking events that Melissa and her friends experienced at the end of their last journey, they must keep going to destroy the “Death Call” and their new “friend”, C. After receiving an enticing invitation to Camp Waterfall, the group of friends fight through the end of their 7th grade year and travel up to the mountains for the summer. There, their trust for each other and their own mental strength are pushed to the limit.

With new friends, new secrets revealed, and even more dangerous twists and turns, you won’t want to stop reading this chiller! Will Melissa and her team take that last step towards victory and finish The Death Call for good? Find out in this thrilling sequel.

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The Death Call

1st book by M.J. Logan

Melissa Logan is a 7th grader and has two brothers, an awesome dad, a mom who is never around, and the potential and goal to just try to survive until the end of 7th grade. If anything could happen that would make Melissa's world even more crazier, it was kids disappearing on swings after school. As Melissa and her crew of friends try to figure this "disappearing" thing out, Melissa deals with a lot of emotional events, including losing family and friends and finding out her true feelings about her mom. Just as things start to light up in her life, more craziness is thrown at her unsuspectingly.

All of these things and more happen in less than two months and Melissa has to make some hard decisions. Will she make the right decision and fix all the jumble that's happening at her school and in her own life? Will she and her team be able to get the "Death Call” to stop calling them? Find out in this fantasy book of romance, adventure and mystery!

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My first book signing of The Camp Signal in Aug. 2017

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Youth Biz Holiday Marketplace at Young Americans Bank

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My interview with Denise Plante on Colorado & Company

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Me and my mom on Women's Entrepreneurship Day

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